Former Gym Teacher Hugh Jackman Recognized A Student Of His On The Red Carpet

TIL: Hugh Jackman used to be a physical education teacher, presumably the world’s most intense physical education teacher (although his only real competition is a sexual predator working under a false name in Jersey). Also, that his middle name is Michael. But back to P.E.: Jackman worked at the perfectly-named Uppingham School in Rutland in 1987, and one of his students was a young whippersnapper named Rollo Ross.

Jackman and Rollo, who now works as an entertainment reporter, recently reconnected at the Zurich Film Festival, when during a red carpet interview, Jackman stopped answering questions about flying pubes or something and said, “I’m sorry, man, but we go way back.” Rollo continued to act “professional,” while Jackman enjoyed saying the name Rollo as much as humanly possible. (#rollo) The teacher also tried to pass relationship advice along to his student, but Rollo’s good, he’s been with lots of girls. He knows what he’s doing.

(Via Reddit)