Four Girls Have Been Charged In A Vicious Attack Against A McDonald’s Drive Thru Employee

Earlier this week, the above video went viral, which shows a McDonald’s employee getting viciously attacked by unknown assailants while they filmed themselves. In it, the 16-year-old employee in question opens her window and calmly exchanges words with the people in the car, when, all of a sudden, one girl jumps through the window and pulls her through the drive thru window by her hair.

The attack originally took place on August 26 in LaPlace, La., located just west of New Orleans, and police have now charged the young women responsible for it. Kailin Holland, 17, the girl who pulled the employee through the window, was arrested and charged with felony battery and released on $10,000 bond. Two accomplices, 18-year-old Sierra Gregoire and another 16-year-old girl were charged with misdemeanor simple battery, and another woman, 20-year-old Bradnika Gregoire, was charged with disturbing the peace.

The Smoking Gun writes:

The McDonald’s employee told cops that after she was pulled through the window, the driver “started punching her.” She noted that “several other female subjects accompanied the assailant and punched her as well,” according to investigators.

This was likely not an unplanned attack, as police report that there was an ongoing dispute between the victim and her attackers, and the victim was likewise able to provide authorities with names. Thankfully, despite the graphic nature of the video, the victim was not seriously injured.