Four More X-Men: First Class TV Spots

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“Magneto Punch” is one of the lesser-practiced sex moves.

UPDATE: One more clip — “Magic Trick” — after the jump [via Filmdrunk]

Four more TV Spots for X-Men: First Class have been released.  They mostly show the same footage, but there are a few additions.  The first trailer shows Magneto (Michael Fassbender) punching someone who’s wearing the Magneto helmet.  It looks like he’s punching Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), which is just going to make Shaw stronger.  No, I mean literally; that’s Shaw’s superpower.  The dude knows how to take a beating better than Bing Crosby’s kids.  That’s right, an old timey domestic violence reference.  Inappropriate and outdated, just how I likes ’em.

The second video shows Xavier, Magneto, and Mystique all meeting each other while they were kids (hmm, Jennifer Lawrence has aged well).  The other two were the same old, “stuff and people flying around, JFK voiceover” videos we’re used to from this film’s marketing.  Man, I haven’t heard this much JFK since that time I played an album of Kennedy speech highlights while I beat Bing Crosby’s kids.

I’ll show myself out.

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