‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Host Brian Kilmeade: People Who Protest Against Police ‘Should Be Barred’ From Dialing 911

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did issue a poorly-worded reaction to Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin’s all-counts conviction for George Floyd’s killing. There’s no disputing that one, but on the other end of the spectrum, Fox and Friends is going on a multi-day streak of things that should not be said about the subject of curbing police brutality. On Thursday morning, the Fox News morning show took on the recent fatal police shootings of Daunte Wright (in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota) and Ma’Khia Bryant (in Columbus, Ohio) in a segment about “The Future Of Policing.”

This was quite a segment, which included co-host Ainsley Earhardt reading off a list of protest-related instances including at Ohio State university, where “the students are gathering… to demand that the school cut ties with Columbus police.” She also (of course) sprinkled in some talk of vandalism before getting to people shouting at police. “In Minnesota, protesters were yelling at police ‘get the blank out,'” Earhardt declared. “And in New York at that local restaurant, ‘we don’t want you here.'”

Kilmeade’s solution: “Do you know what? You should be barred from… anyone who says that, you are no longer allowed to use 911” He then added, “Let’s just hope, in your life, you never need a police officer.”

Steve Doocy has been notably absent from the show for several days, and he’s actually been a moderating force against tantrum-throwing Kilmeade these days. However, co-host Pete Hegseth didn’t do the same, and in fact, he’s all in with Kilmeade’s perspective. “All that’s gonna mean is less cops and more crime. The equation is quite, quite simple. Maybe that’s what they want.”