FOX Cancels ‘Almost Human’, Ruins Our Entire Day

04.30.14 5 years ago 30 Comments

Ask anyone how angry I get whenever it’s mentioned that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled. They’ll compare it either to the Bible or Firefly fans. I personally think I’m a lot angrier than Firefly fans, plus I’m not wearing a dumb hat, so I’m probably more menacing. I fall just short of “flooding the Earth because people are idiots” angry, though.

It took FOX a while to replace my favorite robot show with a new robot show, and much less time for them to cancel it. After being vague about its fate for the past few months, Deadline confirmed last night that FOX has cancelled Almost Human. Or, to be more specific, they’ve turned down the option to air another season, which is produced by Warner Bros TV.

So there is that slim sliver of hope that some other network sees the potential in the show, buys a second season, and then actually airs the episodes in order, which FOX neglected to do. There’s the chance that the show ends up on Netflix and people watch it and realize how fantastic it is to see Karl Urban in full Karl Urbanness, which is being grumpy about robots and life in general. There’s a chance we get more Blade Runner references and John Larroquette as an evil robot scientist and Minka Kelly. Always we need more Minka Kelly.

Then again there’s a chance that I may someday get to download Lucy Liu’s personality in to a blank robot, but I’m not holding my breath for that, either.

I’m not gonna crap all over The Following, a show I don’t watch and I guess must be pretty good because it’s been picked up for a third season, but its ratings are about the same as Almost Human, and it’s been picked up for a third season. Instead, let’s just continue to accept that FOX is the abusive boyfriend we can’t leave. They hate sci-fi shows, and yet they’re the number one purveyor of new sci-fi shows. Someone figure out a way to do an American Idol spinoff about robots, that’s our only hope right now.

Apologies, five other people who also watched Almost Human. First round is on me.

Via GiantFreakingRobot, on a tip from Eibmoz.

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