Fox News Host Bill Hemmer Boasted About Walking Out Of A Restaurant After They Asked To See His Photo ID With His Vaccine Card

Is there anything more badass than walking out of a restaurant when you’re asked to show a photo ID with your COVID vaccination card? Not if you’re Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

On Monday, as Mediaite notes, Hemmer and his “America’s Newsroom” co-host Dana Perino were discussing the various mandates being put in place by New York City restaurants in order to protect restaurant workers and diners from COVID. But this being Fox News, it was only a matter of time before the “news” became personal—and braggadocious, with Hemmer sharing this spellbinding tale:

“I popped into a restaurant three weeks ago. I said, ‘I don’t have my vaccination card but I do have an app,’ so I downloaded that and I showed it to them. And they said, ‘Sir, can we see something with your name on it?’ I said, ‘Here’s my Amex, here’s my Visa.’ And they said, ‘Sir, can we see a card with your picture on it?’”

While Perino wanted to know if he showed them his Fox News badge—which, besides a license or any other piece of photo ID any regular human carries around with them—would have been the logical thing to do in response, Hemmer, rule-breaker that he is, showed the restaurant worker a thing or two… by walking out.

“I turned around and walked out!” Hemmer explained. “‘You guys can have it. Good luck.’ The joint was empty.”

It’s not quite clear why Hemmer would take the trouble to download an app to prove his vaccination status, then reach into his pocket and show more than one credit card—but then become indignant when asked to show something with his picture on it. But he somehow thought it was an interesting enough yarn to share it with viewers.

Greta Thunberg’s got nothing on Bill Hemmer.

(Via Mediaite)