A Fox News Contributor’s Abysmal Super Bowl Queso Has Inspired A Savage Meme

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Who doesn’t love a good chile con queso dip? Typically in the form of a blend of processed melted cheeses such as Velveeta, with Ro-Tel’s canned tomato and chili peppers added in for a bit of flavor and heat, queso is the perfect game day snack. And the beauty of the Tex-Mex favorite is that with such simple ingredients it’s nearly impossible to mess it up, for even the most novice of chefs.

That is, unless you’re Fox News contributor and Daily Briefing host Dana Perino, who offered up a look at her Super Bowl queso dip. “I made queso,” Perino tweeted, along with a photo of a crock pot containing an extremely questionable looking bubbling brownish-orange concoction.

There are so many questions. How does one bungle a simple queso dip so badly, and yet feel compelled to put it out there and share with the whole world? I mean, it’s entirely possible it tastes better than it looks, however unlikely that may seem.

In ether case, the rest of Twitter was decidedly not impressed with Perino’s attempt at queso, and it quickly became a meme as people began sharing disgusting or jokey photos with the caption “I made queso,” mocking her original tweet.

And of course, somebody had to go there with the sarcophagus juice:

There’s no shame in consulting with Google for the countless online recipe resources out there. Don’t let bad queso happen to good people.