Fox News Is Just Doubling Down On Stupid Now

It amazes me that Fox actually has the balls to continue to even pretend to be anything other than a factory for right-wing hackery, but they do, all the time, what with all the relentless trumpeting about being “Fair and Balanced.” It’s actually kind of surreal in the same way that getting a glimpse into how dictatorships use media to control the minds of its citizens is surreal.

Anyway, here’s the latest: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was nominated for a Grammy yesterday, for what I’m not even sure, but the screengrab above is how the Fox Nation website “reported” the news. I mean, Maddow’s not even close to being fat, so I’m not sure what’s even supposed to be funny about it. Or maybe this is their way of insinuating that she’s crazy? Regardless, it’s like they’ve got teenage boys running their web operations over there or something.

If that weren’t enough, they’ve also been busy trashing Obama voters — presumably to make their viewers/readers feel better about losing the election (?) — and in the course of doing so actually misspelled the word “illiterate” in a headline today…and left it up uncorrected for hours.

Look, as someone who runs a website I know all too well how easily grammar and spelling mistakes can slip by, but this is kind of ridiculous. Have they just stopped trying over there? COME ON FOX NEWS, PULL IT TOGETHER! Viewers like the guy below demand better!

Or not.

(GIF via Roboshark)