Fox News Wants Jimmy Kimmel To Shut Up, But Here’s A Supercut Of Them Having D-List Celebs On-Air To Discuss Important Issues

Of all the words being said about the GOP’s Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, some of the most poignant and sobering have come from Jimmy Kimmel, of all people, who hasn’t held back in his nightly monologues this week. Of course, the issue is near and dear to Kimmel’s heart as his infant son Billy was born with a rare congenital heart defect and will require several surgeries, which he and his family are fortunate enough to be able to afford. However, the ordeal has led Kimmel to the realization that not all families would be so lucky, should the GOP succeed in dismantling healthcare as we know it.

Rather disgustingly, right-wing pundits have been largely dismissing Kimmel’s criticism on the grounds that he’s a comedian and late night talk show host, despite the fact that Kimmel himself has freely admitted that — while citing all of the actual medical agencies that also agree the bill is bad for healthcare. Enter the above clip, compliments of Media Matters, which compiled a supercut of just some of the countless times Fox News has invited D-list celebrities on-air to discuss important issues.

So Jimmy Kimmel isn’t qualified to talk about healthcare, but Fox News is just fine and dandy with the likes of Tim Allen, Scott Baio, Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Steven Seagal, Victoria Jackson, Chuck Woolery, and frigging Fabio, among others? Hmm. A big “OK hand” emoji to that.