Fox News Has Come Under Fire For A Misleading, ‘Bullsh*t’ Tweet Headline About Disabled Vet Tammy Duckworth

Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth — a disabled veteran and double amputee due to injuries sustained in combat — isn’t a big fan of Fox News. That’s generally to be expected, considering the conservative news channel’s undeniable slant, but things have previously gotten ugly. That includes Duckworth telling Tucker Carlson to f*ck off (after he ridiculed women in combat) while tweeting a terrifying GIF from his Dancing With The Stars stint and writing, “While he was practicing his two-step, America’s female warriors were hunting down Al Qaeda and proving the strength of America’s women.”

Well, Duckworth surely won’t be happy about a tweeted headline (from Fox News, via Mediaite) that leaves out a lot of context about a situation. The tweet points towards an on-site Fox News story. On the Fox News site, the outlet frames the matter with a little more context (and this subheading: “The U.S. senator takes advantage of a county tax break for disabled veterans that applies regardless of income, a report says”), but it’s still not great because it suggests that Duckworth shouldn’t accept a property-tax break that applies to vets in Illinois who are “at least 70% disabled.”

The further suggestion is that Duckworth’s “income is too high to justify” the break, and Fox News cites a Chicago Sun-Times report that singles Duckworth out as one of 27,000+ Cook County homeowners who claim similar property-tax exemptions. That article argues that Duckworth’s income is such that she should not have received the $37,842 total tax break over five years.

It’s kind-of a bizarre stance for the Chicago Sun-Times to take, and it’s been amplified by Fox News, which used this headline on their tweet to promote their article: “Democrat Tammy Duckworth hasn’t paid property tax on her Illinois home since 2015, report says.”

Well, the backlash is fierce, mostly because, again, the tweeted headline abandons context and reads like an attack, which people are calling “bullsh*t,” “shameless,” and “trash.” People also really can’t figure out what Fox News intends to say about disabled veterans and tax breaks, all while not saying jack about how billionaires (including owner Rupert Murdoch) gladly accept enormous tax breaks and fork over practically nothing in federal income tax.

Duckworth hasn’t dignified this attack with a tweet yet, but considering that, yeah, she told Tucker Carlson to shove it, there might be a response coming.

(Via Mediaite)