Wrestler Mark Schultz Apologizes For His ‘Foxcatcher’ Twitter Rant

A few weeks ago, Mark Schultz raged against Foxcatcher and its director, Bennett Miller. Among other things, the former wrestler (played by Channing Tatum in the film) threatened to end Miller’s career. It seems he’s had a change of heart.

“I apologize to you before the world, Bennett,” Schultz tweeted Saturday, adding he felt “terrible” for how he had treated him. “Bennett Miller is the greatest director ever. 3rd time’s the charm. He’s due an Oscar.” Miller has previously been nominated for directing Capote and Moneyball.

Schultz wrote that the film is a “miracle” and that he regretted saying he hated it. “I think the problem I had was the context of the movie,” Schultz continued. “It’s what happened was so hard. My brother’s murder. My career ruined.” (Via THR)

Here’s Schultz’s Twitter apology (and praise for the film), in full:









There’s no denying the reality behind the events that inspired Foxcatcher, which are still very real for Schultz. Let’s hope he learned his lesson, for the internet never forgets.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter and Twitter)