‘Foxcatcher’ Wrestler Mark Schultz Really, Really Hates Director Bennett Miller

Foxcatcher was a deeply awkward movie. Thanks to one of its subjects, wrestler Mark Schultz (played in the movie by Channing Tatum), that awkwardness has seeped out of the movie and onto his Twitter feed.

It started off innocently enough. After praising the film upon its release and retweeting lots of positive comments about the film, Schultz took to his Facebook page to discuss his internal conflict with his lack of credit, but calls director Bennett Miller ” a great director.” Fine.

Then…something may have changed.








He then presumably did this:

His main concern seems to be that he feels the movie implied that he and John du Pont (played by Steve Carrell) had a sexual relationship.

One thing is sure–this can only intensify as award season kicks into high gear. Grab your uncomfortable popcorn.