A GOP Pollster Built An Oval Office Replica In His House, Complete With Monica Lewinsky’s Infamous Dress

Frank Luntz has come into the public eye this year thanks in part to his Republican lean on this year’s election and the focus groups he runs offering real-time reactions to the debates. Generally pollsters are just statistics nerds with equally nerdy hobbies. But Luntz is a collector who, it turns out, has some odd tastes.

The Hollywood Reporter was recently inside Luntz’s house, and to say he’s obsessed with the Presidency is a bit of an understatement. The profile opens with Luntz noting his mother died wishing he would be the first Jewish President, and he’s honored her wishes in rather unusual fashion. Namely, he has a replica of the Oval Office built into his home, which you can see photos of right here.

And the room has some rather unusual touches:

The desk is modeled after John F. Kennedy’s, the phones evoke the Lyndon B. Johnson administrations, the moldings are borrowed from Reagan’s two terms, and the fabrics and wallpapers are from President Obama’s. And hanging in the bathroom next to the Oval Office is a version of the infamous blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky.

Luntz’s collection is even more extensive than it sounds. He also has signed footballs from almost every Heisman winner, a pool house he turned into a diner, a dining room he remodeled to resemble an “1890s Georgetown saloon,” and, for some reason, a book of anti-Semitic cartoons from France. Luntz says he plans to donate his collection to the Smithsonian when he passes away, but, Frank, if you’re reading, maybe just sell off the dress.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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