Frank Miller Thinks Marvel Will Let Him Ruin Captain America

It’s really sad how many comics legends have devolved into unknowing self-parody. Steve Ditko has spent the last thirty years ranting about Objectivism. Alan Moore has turned into the snake-worshiping Grandpa Simpson. But nobody embodies this more than Frank Miller, the once-respected comic artist and writer whose most important contribution to pop culture in recent years has been a meme mocking his terrible dialogue. And now he wants to wreck Captain America.

To give you an idea of just how subtle Miller has become, he turned The Spirit into one of the worst movies of our young century and his last graphic novel was Holy Terror, or Not-Batman Punches All The Muslins ‘Cause ‘Murka. It was not well received, as you might have guessed.

Also, for some reason, he has completely lost the ability to draw feet, which even Liefeld bothered to learn at some point. And now he thinks he can bring all that to Captain America, according to his Reddit AMA:

I feel that he features virtues that my country has either lost or misplaced for a very long time. Especially at a time when the country is so clearly threatened, a hero like that is outstanding. I remember telling people at Marvel, just a few days after 9/11, that I hoped they realized what they had there, because Captain America’s reaction to 9/11 would have been pretty direct.

Frank Miller’s obsession with Al Qaeda has been going on for a while, if you were wondering. For Marvel’s part, Tom Brevoort very politely said that Marvel would certainly love to hear from Miller, but he’d have to tone it down just a notch.

It’s not fun to bury Miller. The man’s written some vitally important, classic comics. But just like Alan Moore is so whiny Grant Morrison had to tell him to shut his yap, Miller just can’t stop turning himself into a self-parody. At least we get boob jokes out of this whole mess.

Via Escapist Magazine