Frank Miller’s “Holy Terror” Has Trailer…But No Batman?

07.22.11 8 years ago

Hey, remember when Frank Miller was a comics genius, one of the most respected writers and artists in a field that was just beginning to be appreciated by the mainstream as having genuine artistic merit? Boy, those were the days, huh?
I’ll proudly admit that I enjoyed the ever-loving hell out of “The Dark Knight Strikes Again”, although I also freely admit that it’s not at the same level of quality as “The Dark Knight Returns”. Also, Frank Miller got a taste for drawing everybody with floppy clown feet, which really made the art weird. But ever since “300” and “Sin City” became successful movies, he’s been, well, terrible (All-Star Goddamn Batman and Muthaf***ing Robin, anyone?), and no more so than his announced “Batman vs. terrorists” project, “Holy Terror”.
Which had dropped off of everyone’s radar until the trailer…which is not from DC but instead movie production house Legendary, and now it doesn’t feature Batman but instead some character called “The Fixer” in a cowl and a cape.
I would love to say this trailer makes the comic look remotely good. Instead it not only looks bad, it looks behind the times. Do we really need a comic about faux-Batman shooting terrorists in the face when we already had a profoundly cathartic and complex film that dealt with the nation’s concerns about 9/11 featuring Batman himself? Does this matter anymore since the avatar of terror got shot in the face by a squad of Navy SEALs?
We’ll find out, and you can see the trailer on the next slide, but…yeah.

[ via the licken chegs at Blastr ]

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