This Woman Turns The Frat Boy Sexts She’s Received Into A Lovely Song

What’s the worst text a person can get? “I have bad news?” “The test came back…?” “Mr. Steinbrenner’s here, George is dead, text me back?”

It’s none of the above. The worst text is, by far, a sext from a frat boy. “Texts From a Beta” puts those messages to song or, according to the YouTube description, “All of the lyrics herein are real, word for word consensual texts sent to a young woman by frat guys.” The very, very NSFW lyrics include:

“Want to f*ck your throat for awhile”

“You’re gonna have to suck me real f*cking good”

“My load plus your face, you’re gonna inhale my dick”

“I just puked. If I can’t move, can you just suck my dick good?”

“There’s gonna be a party in your ass tomorrow, and my cock’s the only one that’s invited”

Oh wait, that last one’s a Bob Dylan lyric. Carry on.

(Via Death + Taxes)

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