Oh Snap! Freestyle Finger Snapping Is A Real Thing, And This Guy Is The Undisputed World Champion

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10.31.13 2 Comments

Darren Drouin had an unremarkable YouTube channel until yesterday, when he decided to unleash a brand new, skin-based sub genre of percussion on the world. He calls it a “useless finger snapping talent,” but that’s fake humility if I’ve ever heard it. The music industry will never be the same after this.

Check out Darren’s impressive “Freestyle Finger Snapping” performance below. After a brief tutorial of his various techniques (including a one-handed clap maneuver), Drouin lays into a magical, stoic-faced freestyle (around the 1:20 mark):

The original video quickly caught fire, generating more than 150,000 views and 600 comments in less than 24 hours. Darren has since uploaded a followup performance:

The Internet is reacting in typically hilarious fashion. One Redditor called Darren’s groundbreaking skill “the whitest form of beat boxing.” And anonymous YouTube commenters, well… I think you know where this is going:

Never stop being you, YouTube comment section.

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