Frog Fractions: Edutainment Gone Very, Very Wrong

We don’t often discuss Flash games on here. We don’t often discuss edutainment games on here, because the term fills us with disgust and revulsion.

We do, however, like absurd humor and satire. And that’s something Frog Fractions has in spades.

It starts out as a seemingly innocuous educational game, right down to the silly title and the cheery chiptune music.

Then it takes a turn for the very, very strange. This is all courtesy of Twinbeard Studios, which is really just one guy in California, Jim Crawford, making games. Or rather, satires of games. For example, the “game” Futility Pong or the text adventure Celebrities In Prison.

Or my personal favorite, Futilitris. Just click the link and play a few rows. You’ll see what I mean.

OK, so they’re essentially one-off jokes. But they’re really, really funny one-off jokes, and by breaking the genres they’re a part of, Crawford’s games tend to offer some insight into ways they might be… off. Hopefully Frog Fractions will get a sequel, maybe from the dragon’s point of view.

Yes, there’s a dragon.