This Massachusetts Fugitive’s Old Man Disguise Is Like Something Out Of ‘Scooby Doo’

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08.20.16 2 Comments

It might’ve seemed like a good idea at the time, but Shaun “Shizz” Miller’s plan to fool Massachusetts police did not work out in the end. As you can see above, Miller attempted to put on some crafty old man makeup — sorta like the type seen in the Jackass films — and make his way past the police. According to the BBC, it wasn’t good enough:

He walked outside in disguise and when they realised the “elderly man” was actually the 31-year-old they were looking for, they arrested him.

He had been on the run since being charged with heroin trafficking offences in April.

When officers searched the house in South Yarmouth, they found two loaded weapons hidden in a laundry basket, and nearly $30,000 (£23,000) in cash.

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