‘Captain Marvel’s Goose The ‘Cat’ Has Inspired An Adorable Meme In South Korea

Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel has been even more successful so far than the good word of mouth (our reviews are available here and here) and the box office estimates would have suggested. Of course, a stand-out character has been the adorable alien sidekick Goose, impersonator of cats, bane of Skrulls, eater of worlds. And now Marvel’s poster for Goose has inspired an adorable meme in South Korea.

Earlier this week, the hashtag 캡틴마블_우리집구스 began trending in South Korea. In the hashtag, people are sharing pictures of their own cats (or just their favorite cats) photoshopped into a Captain Marvel poster in place of Goose:

“I feel like this was a good use of my time,” explained one Twitter user.

Here’s a link to a clean version of the poster if you want to make your own, and you can check out some of our favorite fan-made posters below:

Some people took the photoshop challenge literally:

And, this being the internet, Garfield had to make an appearance, thankfully not in a sexually explicit way this time.

Oh, internet. Never change.

And hey, speaking of photoshopping cats into Captain Marvel posters, we’d be remiss not to highlight Goose herself as the star of the show:

Via Twitter

(Hat tip to 캡틴마블_우리집구스, Boss Logic, and Slash Film)