The Funniest Reactions To The 2019 Golden Globe Awards

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01.07.19 10 Comments

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Did you watch the Golden Globes Sunday night? If so, you might have seen the funny and poignant monologue from Andy Samberg And Sandra Oh, the Paddington 2 fan memes, Emma Stone seemingly apologizing about Aloha, the inimitable Carol Burnett’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and Christian Bale thanking Satan — you know, the usual.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter were busy joking about the proceedings and kvetching about who did or didn’t win a shiny bauble (The full winners list is available here). Twitter users were even making jokes before the event started, with many people noticing that the woman serving FIJI water bottles came prepared to serve. People even included her in their 2019 predictions.

Plenty of folks also made jokes about Christian Bale’s speech, where he (as previously mentioned) thanked Satan for giving him inspiration on how to play Dick Cheney in Vice:

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