These Tweets Show Why You Should Never Ask Twitter Users To Hurt You During Sex

Occasionally Twitter users stumble upon a new joke format — like historian sign bunny, “Let’s go, lesbians!“, or second civil war letters — and rush to find every permutation of it, including jokes about the format itself which might incorporate so many other memes that explaining the joke to your grandma would take at least twenty minutes, and instead of laughing she’d just say, “That’s nice, dear.” (That’s grandma speak for “I should have joined a roller derby instead of having kids.”)

The newest format took off earlier this week based on a tweet that went viral on August 9th, in which one character asks their partner to hurt them during sex, the joke being that the partner interprets this to mean they should drop some home truths like, “Your sister’s more successful than you […and I’m] not a big fan of the new haircut.”

Yeah, that has to hurt.

Most of the ensuing jokes followed a similar format, with the theoretical partner misinterpreting the speaker’s request and dropping some harrowing pop psychology or scathing observations into their foreplay:

People also made jokes about long-awaited pop culture franchises, like some video games. (Does this mean Half Life 3 is confirmed?)

There were also jokes about musicians:

And about sports:

People also shared their deep thoughts about the animal kingdom:

Many of the Twitter users got meta with their jokes:

Some of these partners went too far:

And things got a little bit weird at times:

But some people learned to accept whatever comes: