Twitter Hustlers Aren’t Sleeping On The ‘Let’s Get This Bread’ Meme

If you’ve been on Twitter a lot lately, why are you doing that? Do you know how to leave that hellsite? Could you explain how to leave to us so we can get out, too? Anyway, if you’ve been on Twitter lately, you’ve probably seen a meme forming amidst all the various grifts and the arguments about depressing current events. It started with people working thankless mascot jobs getting pumped about earning that money, posting photos or selfies of their embarrassing work uniform and declaring, “Wake up hustlers, let’s get this bread. No days off.”

But the phrase “let’s get this bread” quickly took on other meanings, not all of them involving cat breading. (There really should have been more cat breading photos.)

Some hustlers on Twitter took the phrase literally:

The jokes continued:

Some people used classic animation scenes to illustrate how their struggle is real:

Others wanted to delve into the etymology of obtaining that grain, bagging that baguette, and catching that croissant:

Some Twitter users applied the phrase to numerous situations, even poking fun at frequently parodied “instapoet” Rupi Kaur.

And sometimes parents just don’t understand:

While other people broke down and admitted they weren’t sufficiently prepared for all this grinding:

Via Twitter
Via Twitter