A Cute New Twitter Meme Wants To Know If ‘You Want This?’

Over the past week, another form of ASCII art has gained popularity on Twitter as a format for jokes. Much like Historian Sign Bunny, the new meme starts with ASCII art of a bunny, except instead of holding up a sign, the new version typically offers an emoji of a heart, or a cookie, or some other item and asks, “You want this?” before revealing what conditions come with accepting the offer.

It didn’t take long for the meme to be almost completely overtaken by other jokes like the one above — in which the bunny is getting high on his own supply — or for jokes referencing pop culture or simply having silly fun with emoji. When other Twitter trends lately have involved horrific gun violence, election anxiety, and terrifying mime creatures, it’s a nice change of pace to just laugh at a friendly bunny.

Some of the memes lambast people who damage library books or who approach the mic at an audience Q&A with the dreaded, “I don’t have a question, actually, it’s more of a comment…”:

Others just had fun with emoji:

People bragged about their amazing self-control:

Literary references abounded, like this concise summary of the myth of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans:

And this Andre Malraux quote from 1933’s The Human Condition, which is now more known as “that quote from Castlevania“:

And this The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe reference:

Other pop culture references were made, including a ASCII reenactment of John Mulaney’s “Street smarts” bit:

Many of the tweets shared positive affirmations:

And some of them hit close to home: