Everyone’s Having Too Much Fun With ‘SoulCalibur VI’ Character Creator Memes

SoulCalibur VI released this week, giving players amazing leeway to create their own characters aaaaaaand everything’s on fire. As is often the case when vox populi dictates design aesthetics, sh*t got weird real fast.

People seem to be having as much fun with SoulCalibur VI‘s exhaustive character creator as they had with Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” crowdsourcing, EA’s Madden GIF generator, boat-naming contests, McDonald’s Make Burger History, and Pacific Rim‘s Jaeger designer. I mean, just look at wide Kylo Ren up there. LOOK AT HIM. You can’t look away. If you look away, he’ll just be even wider when you look back.

Some of the custom-designed fighters are incredibly not safe for work, while others recreate known characters from outside the SoulCalibur universe, sometimes to nightmarish effect:


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Others recreated well-known mascots like Ronald McDonald or Mr. Peanut:


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Animated characters like BoJack Horseman are now fighters in the game:

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Characters from other video games were also popular, with Waluigi finally getting his due:



Skeleton-based video game characters were an easy task to create, like Sans and Papyrus from Undertale.


Some people just made whole new skeleton-based characters:

Comic book, movie, and TV characters also assembled:


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And “no cherry tree is safe” now that George Washington has entered the arena:

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There are so many options!

(Hat tip to Game Informer and /r/soulcaliburcreations)