Funny People Continued To Dunk On The ‘Straight Pride Parade’ In Boston

“WhY iSn’T tHeRe A stRaiGht pRiDE pAraDe?” Every June (pride month), you can be assured someone will ask why gay pride parades exist when straight pride parades don’t. Those people never had to worry about being disowned or killed by their own parents. Wow, that got dark fast. Anyhoo, someone with some purported ties to extremist activism has obtained a permit to hold a Straight Pride Parade in Boston on Saturday, August 31st.

Not surprisingly, the news of a Straight Pride Parade garnered amusing reactions like these:

As someone who can claim two letters in LGBT (the G and the T), it behooves me to continue making a mockery of this foolishness. And people on Twitter have continued to dunk on this silly idea since we last wrote about it, speculating about what a straight pride flag or straight pride float might look like:

Others wondered what the guys in attendance would look like:

People also shared ideas about where the parade route would go:

And others highlighted straight pride’s rich culture:

While people also seemed confused because they thought the Straight Pride Parade already existed:

The parade did find allies in the apparently-hegemonic gay community:

Some people made serious points:

And folks were also doing some A+ subtweeting:

The joking continued throughout the night: