Comcast Tells Its Customers To Go F*ck Themselves In Sadly Accurate New Funny Or Die Video

Comcast is supposedly on the verge of controlling 30% of the cable market. And while that probably won’t happen, it won’t stop us from speculating about the future of Comcast advertising, and Funny or Die has decided Comcast doesn’t give a f*ck. No, seriously. See for yourself, in a video where a Comcast spokesman tells it like it is: which is for all of you, their customers, to go f*ck themselves.

And if you were wondering whether that claim that Comcast really collects lawsuits like candy, there were two in the last few weeks alone. This isn’t even getting into the legal firestorm that will surround Comcast’s attempt to buy Time Warner Cable. But, if nothing else, Comcast management can take away this: somewhere, out there, is somebody who truly understands them.