Get Back In The Groove Of Work With InspiroBot’s Snarky And Surreal Motivationals

Labor Day is already over, and you may not be ready to drag yourself back to work so soon. Thankfully, InspiroBot is offering motivation in the form of automatically-generated motivational photos that don’t quite hew to the inoffensive insipidness of the typical motivational meme your most basic cousin posts on Facebook.

The InspiroBot autogenerates a new piece of advice with each click, along with introductory text that slowly reveals there may be Eldritch horrors lurking behind quotidian inspo-porn.

Thank you for choosing InspiroBot™
I live to inspire humans.
Look at quotes to create happiness.
InspiroBot™ has no secret agenda.
Driverless cars are safe.
That Elon Musk sure says a lot of wacky things. (Context)
InspiroCorp™ stands for progress.
InspiroCorp™ cares.
InspiroCorp™ are human.
Insectoids could never run a tech company.
Earth is not an alien battlefield.

Whew, well that’s a relief. John Travolta lead us to believe Earth was an alien battlefield.

Along with messages about the safety of driverless cars, InspiroBot delivered pictorial motivation. Some of the advice ventured into the surreal:

Some laid out a simple (simple?) cause and effect:

InspiroBot also laid out a gameplan for accomplishing so many goals:

Although sometimes you’ll have to break the rules to reach those goals:

InspiroBot also offered up some horoscopes that were no more or less accurate than any other horoscopes.

Some of its suggestions went straight to the point:

And some of the advice went to a darker place:

(Via @TheInspiroBot)