Jessica Biel Discusses The Very Real Fear Of Having A Vagina Get Struck By Lightning

Woman Care Global — an organization meant to educate women’s healthcare issues — has a new video series on Funny or Die featuring Whitney Cummings, Jessica Biel, and Joy Bryant. In the video above, the three women discuss the errant condom issue, you know, that unfortunate time when a condom slips off during intercourse and gets lodged inside of a female partner. The female trio go into great detail on the search for missing contraceptives, even going so far as to physically act out the process in doing so.

Another video on IUDs confronts the fear of getting a lightning strike to the vagina, which, naturally, leads to a rumination on attaining a “super vagina” through said lightning. This, of course, leads to Biel comparing her “stronger, nastier period” to Shark Week. The final video has the ladies discussing ways of making “the pill” more attractive, with one of their suggestions being to include sounds of a crying baby every time the packaging for the morning after pill is opened.

The videos are a bit tongue-in-cheek, with the ladies obviously presenting some misinformation which is corrected by a few messages between scenes. Despite that, just hearing Biel say “super vagina” is worth the price of admission here. Check out the other two videos below.