Funny Or Die Made A Sequel To ‘Beetlejuice’ Starring Natasha Lyonne

A sequel to Beetlejuice has been in development hell ever since some jerk decided to deny the world the happiness injection that is Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, which, yes, was almost an actual thing. Back in February, Michael Keaton said he’s “e-mailed Tim [Burton] a couple of times, talked to the writer a couple of times, but all really, really preliminary stuff,” so it’s going to be awhile before we see 2 Beetle 2 Juice, if we see it all. Instead, go watch Birdman. Do it.

Beside, Funny or Die already made the perfect follow-up to Tim Burton’s film, anyway. It’s directed by his brother, Barry, and stars Orange Is the New Jack weirdo Natasha Lyonne. It’s less a full movie than stealing a bunch of scenes from other famous films, like Blue Velvet. “BEETLEJUICE WANTS TO F*CK.” I’d watch that.