Funny Or Die’s ‘Catfish Trailer: Manti Te’o Edition’ Is Heavy On The Die

Earlier today, I expressed my disappointment at SNL not devoting an entire sketch to the Manti Te’o fiasco, because, apparently, Top Dog Chef was more pressing. Luckily, Funny or Die has been churning out videos about the Notre Dame linebacker, beginning with an eHarmony ad and now, a parody of the Catfish trailer.

It’s surprisingly dark for the first minute, but once the quotes from Lou Holtz, New York Jets, and Lance Armstrong pop up, the bit comes to life more than…well, you know. Also, honestly, I’m glad the Te’o thing happened, if only because now “catfish” can be used as a verb. It’s a lot easier saying someone was “catfish’d” than the Stefon-like “that thing where you get caught up in an Internet lie about a girlfriend.” These guys are pumped, too.

(Via Clip Nation)