This Funny Flight Attendant Has A Great Mime Routine To Go Along With His Safety Demonstration

WestJet might not be the most famous Canadian airline, but they do seem to go out of their way to provide not just the best customer service, but heartwarming and joyful customer service. And it also appears that they hire mimes to tame passengers who get pre-flight anxiety during the safety demonstration. You know, the safety demonstration that reminds you about all the ways you can die on a plane in midair. But this particular flight attendant is like a magician or a children’s doctor who can distract the fright-filled people in front of him with a silly mime routine while the safety narration plays over the PA. Is he better than Valium? For some, he might just be enough until the drugs and alcohol kick in.

Just an idea: Train every flight attendant in improv comedy. All of them. And reject them if they aren’t any good. Also: Hire comedy writers to rewrite the safety demonstration because, when your enclosed in a metal tube that is expected to travel at 600 miles per hour through the sky without a single string to hold it up, some of us need to laugh at something while having the pee scared out of us.

Source: Reddit