This ‘NBA On TNT’ Promo Is Fake But You’ll Still Get The Chills

10.31.13 6 years ago 11 Comments

Some creative people live amongst us in this world.

Remember those fan-made Derrick Rose and LeBron James videos from earlier this summer? With the 2013-14 season only 48 hours young, they may have been outdone already. The accompanying clip found below is a fake TNT promo and would’ve fooled me had it not depicted potential impending events.

From KD’s first championship, Bron in the dunk contest, James Harden winning MVP and Rose dropping 70 in a game, an eerie glimpse into the possible future is provided. The most humbling, however, was hearing Kobe confess his own basketball mortality. As much flack as I may give the guy, the sobering realization that the end of his career (and others of his era) is much closer than I’d care to admit is eerie, and fairly depressing.

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