Gal Gadot Signs A Three-Picture Deal, Which Includes A Solo Wonder Woman Movie

When a woman with crazy eyes and a gun demands a three-picture deal, you give her a three-picture deal.

She may not have the breasts to play Wonder Woman according to some jerks, but that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from signing Gal Gadot up to play the Amazon princess in three upcoming movies. One of those movies will of course be Batman vs. Superman, and another one will be the Justice League movie, so what’s that third movie going to be? Well, according to Variety the third movie will be a Wonder Woman standalone film.

This three-picture deal way sound like straight-up good news, but well — on the one hand, yes, there are at least vague plans to make a Wonder Woman down the line movie, but on the other hand, a three-picture deal is actually a bit paltry by modern superhero movie standards. By comparison Marvel tries to tie its superheroes down to meatier nine-picture deals. Also, apparently Gadot is only getting paid 300k per movie, so hey, that standalone Wonder Woman movie could go straight-to-video without losing Warners too much money. Just sayin’.

So yes, Warner Bros. is still playing it safe, because an attractive young brown haired lady kicking ass? Might be a tough sell!

Ugh, why do they keep making these movies when they’re all such obvious flops? 

And Hollywood certainly hates doing modern takes on mythology. Yup, I can see why they’re so concerned about this.

via Variety