‘Game Of Thrones’ As A CW-Style High School Drama? Sure, Why Not?

I went into this sure-to-be “Sopranos High” inspired take on Game of Thrones with low expectations seeing as how it’s a YouTube channel and I still can’t figure out who the hell is behind it, but they chipped away at my skepticism early with the Greyjoy Swim Team and by the time they got to the intro graphics (think Community meets GOT) I was convinced that “School of Thrones” is not entirely terrible. Especially by live-acting YouTube parody standards.

Am I getting a subscription and eagerly awaiting to see if Hipster Sansa ditches the Stark way of life? No. I’m a grown ass man. But if it happens to cross my path next week I’m not saying I won’t click play in anticipation of Bieber-fied Joffrey being the recipient of the b*tch-slapping he already so rightly deserves.

School of Thrones via Reddit

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