Game of Thrones Comic Books Coming Soon

You probably already know Game of Thrones is a know it’s being adapted into comics, too?  And if you did, why didn’t you tell us?  Not cool, man.  I thought we were friends.

Dynamite Entertainment will be publishing the first issue of the monthly comic starting this September, and compilations of the comics will be published later by Bantam Books.  Daniel Abraham will write and Tommy Patterson will draw, while the covers will be handled by Mike S. Miller and Alex Ross.  The picture above is by Ross, if the precision of it and the wolves staring off into the distance didn’t make it obvious enough.  The guy sure likes to draw them staring at something off to the side.  What’s over there?  I hope it’s Peter Dinklage.

Below are a couple of sketches of the Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister characters to give you an idea of Tommy Patterson’s style.

[Pictures via ComicsAlliance and sofapizza.  Full-sized version of the banner picture available here.]