Could You Still Watch This Version ‘Game Of Thrones’ Where Joffrey Is The Hero?

You may already be familiar with Bloodblitz as the guy who dressed an ornery tabby cat in a Bane costume for a series of “Banecat” videos. And you may be familiar with Joffrey Baratheon as the most slappable face in the Seven Kingdoms. Now the two have come together for a fantastical mashup, as Bloodblitz has edited Game of Thrones to show what would happen if Joffrey were the hero.

He says it took him more than 50 hours of work to put this together, which we can believe. Finding only six GIFs of Joffrey not being a bastard-coated bastard with bastard filling was an arduous process, now just imagine repeating that with three and a half minutes of video.


(Via Bloodblitz)