‘Hold The Door’ And Other Quotes From This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ That Will Make You Tear Up

This week’s Game of Thrones was another powerful episode with lots of emotion and great moments. We’ve got to hand it to David Benioff and Dan Weiss for taking the ball from George R.R. Martin and continuing to run with it so successfully. Even with all the action that carried this episode, there were still so many great quotes that it was hard to boil things down to just five, but what would we be if we didn’t make an attempt, right?

As always, there are spoilers throughout. So if you’re not caught up, step away and come back when you are.

“You freed me from the monsters that murdered my family, and you gave me to other monsters that murdered my family.”

Out of all the things Sansa Stark said to Littlefinger, this line held the most rage. Because what was the point of anything he did for her if she just ended up in the same situation? Objectively, she ended up in a worse one. Sansa knows enough about the game of thrones now to realize Littlefinger sold her out for his own personal gain. That’s why she was unwilling to trust him, even when he offered her the army she needed to take back the North. Considering what tends to happen to people who trust Littlefinger, this might be her smartest decision yet.

“Build me a thousand ships, and I will give you this world!”

Now there’s a campaign slogan the Iron Isles can get behind. Like a certain presidential candidate, Euron makes big promises that tend to ignore the messy realities of the world. That’s not to say siding with Daenerys Targaryen and offering her a massive fleet isn’t a decent plan. But expecting her to marry him in order to carry her troops across the Narrow Seas? That will take a certain amount of delicate political wrangling I’m not sure Euron can pull off. He seems much better at throwing people off bridges than building them.

“Terrible things happen for a reason.”

In a world as cold and brutal as George R.R. Martin’s, it would be comforting to know that this is really true. Unfortunately, the reasons behind terrible things happening are often so mysterious and disconnected from earthly matters that there’s little solace to be found in this statement. When Kinvara says this, she’s not saying R’hllor opens a window for you every time he closes a door. She’s talking about the inevitable march towards the final battle between the Lord of Light and the Great Other. And if winning that battle means bathing Meereen in the blood of unbelievers, then so be it.

“I may not know the north, but I know men. They’re more or less the same in any corner of the world and even the bravest of them don’t want to see their wives and children skinned for a lost cause.”

There’s some of that Davos Seaworth wisdom that earned him the trust of Stannis Baratheon back in the good ol’ days. Loyal service means telling hard truths, and this was Davos dropping some hard truthbombs on Sansa Stark with all her optimistic talk of the North remembering and Northerners being more loyal.

“Hold the door!”

You promised not to cry. There was no crying before, not for Arya as she was dragged away from the Red Wedding by the Hound, not for the direwolves that keep falling like flies. But dammit, Hodor was different. Hodor was the sweetest, purest character on the show. So to see him die in such a terrible, honorable, selfless way, both in the present and mentally in the past? Ugh. Okay, I’m tearing up. You got me, Game of Thrones. You got me good.