Jon Snow’s Mic Drop And Other ‘Game Of Thrones’ Lines You’ll Be Repeating All Week

Despite what some actors may say, Game of Thrones isn’t just t*ts and dragons. There’s a lot of death in there too, and from time to time a witty quip or quote. We’re determined to catalog them all as they happen, and the third episode of season six saw a few notable lines get dropped by some unlikely characters. You’d expect the Three Eyed Raven to know some deep truths, but who knew Davos was so full of great life advice?

“My watch has ended.”

The perfect mic drop for quitting your bulls**t job or getting out of a bad relationship. Of course with the relationship, it may be best to just mutter it under your breath because the monster you were dating doesn’t even watch Game Of Thrones and thinks any show that doesn’t involve a Kardashian isn’t worth watching. It’d be worth getting stabbed several times and brought back to life to get out of that horrible situation.

“I failed” / “Good. Now go fail again.”

Whoa, Davos for father of the year. Perfect for any time your kid needs a pep talk about getting back up and trying again. Just a little warning though — don’t force this one by telling your 6-year-old they failed to set up this quote. “You failed” is the kind of thing that will bounce around inside a kid’s head to the point where they miss the inspiring second part.

“Hey, great Khaleesi. Move your ass.”

Perfect for any time you come across someone who thinks that they’re special enough that they can just keep stopping to text while there’s a khalisar worth of people trying to get somewhere around them.

“The past is already written. The ink is dry.”

Perfect for when your friends are obsessing about some bonehead move they’ve made recently. And just like in the show, spending too much time reliving those negative memories will only cause more problems. Unless you possibly have the ability to control the past like Bran does (whoa, amirite?), leave the past in the past.

“You go on. You fight for as long as you can, you clean up as much of the s**t as you can.”

Perfect for when things seem hopeless and there’s no chance of victory. Sometimes losing, li death, is inevitable. What matters is how you handle that defeat and what you do after it that defines you, not the loss itself. And to combine some sayings, if you s**t the bed, the only honorable thing to do is to clean that s**t up.