GameStop Is Sorry It Stole From You

Hey, remember when GameStop saw that copies of “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” were coming with an OnLive coupon, and GameStop would not stand this aggression? So it cracked open every copy, stole the freebie, and then felt the wrath of gamers everywhere? Yeah, they feel really, really bad about that, and want to make it up to you.

How? By giving everybody who bought “Deus Ex” new a $50 gift card, the value of the coupon they threw out, and a Buy Two, Get One Free deal on used games. Two notes:

A) Notice that they’re not giving the coupon back. I think OnLive might have something to say about this, that involves lawyers.

B) Notice that they’re trying to drive you towards their real cash cow, used games.

Oh, GameStop. You’re why I’m buying games from Best Buy.

[ via the dealhunters at Kotaku ]