Gaming Envy: Watch 6 Impossible Classic Gaming Challenges Get Destroyed In Dramatic Fashion

02.26.15 4 years ago 22 Comments
Most 8-bit games didn’t eff around, but there were certain classic gaming moments that took Nintendo to the next level. These challenges weren’t just though, they seemed to be impossible. There’s a good chance you spent countless hours banging your head against these challenges as a kid and still never bested them. Beating Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!!, the infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dam level, and the final stage of Ninja Gaiden have become gaming ordeal legends.

That said, all games can be beat, and there are gamers out there who have not only completed these infamous challenges, but completely, totally owned them. You may never beat these challenges, but at least you can watch somebody else utterly destroy them…

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