Gaming Envy: Watch 6 Impossible Classic Gaming Challenges Get Destroyed In Dramatic Fashion

Most 8-bit games didn’t eff around, but there were certain classic gaming moments that took Nintendo to the next level. These challenges weren’t just though, they seemed to be impossible. There’s a good chance you spent countless hours banging your head against these challenges as a kid and still never bested them. Beating Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!!, the infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dam level, and the final stage of Ninja Gaiden have become gaming ordeal legends.

That said, all games can be beat, and there are gamers out there who have not only completed these infamous challenges, but completely, totally owned them. You may never beat these challenges, but at least you can watch somebody else utterly destroy them…

Surviving The Battletoads Speeder Bikes While Playing Co-Op

The first speeder bike stage in Battletoads has become the most infamous, insane twitch game of the 8-bit era. Getting past all those walls intact is a Herculean task on your own, but what if you had to coordinate with another person to get through? Battletoads can be played co-op, but like all things Battletoads it’s needlessly cruel. If your partner dies, you both go back to the beginning of the level, so getting past the speeder bikes in co-op means playing in perfect harmony.

Well, the appropriately named Battletoadgods somehow managed to do just that…

Beating The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dam Level in Under Two Minutes

Ugh, the TMNT dam stage. I’m pretty sure I’d rather be trapped under a real dam rigged with explosives than play this level again.

Well, YouTuber SpiderWaffle is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles world record holder, and you can’t beat the game in under 20 minutes like he can without knowing your way around the dam. Watch ol’ SpiderWaffle complete the stage under around a minute and 45 seconds below…

Beat Act VI Of Ninja Gaiden Without Taking Any Damage

The final act of the original NES Ninja Gaiden may be the most grueling gauntlet in action gaming history. Act VI, made up of three individual stages and three boss fights, is a long one that requires pinpoint platforming while enemies are tossed in a non-stop barrage at you. It’s full of super unfair level designs that pretty much force you to take damage. Beating the last part of Ninja Gaiden is very hard, but doing it without taking damage is downright hopeless.

Don’t tell that to YouTuber Adeigar. Marvel as he somehow manages to say untouchable all the way through the final chunk of Ninja Gaiden

Destroying Mega Man’s Yellow Devil In A Single Shot

The unfortunately named Yellow Devil is the toughest boss in Mega Man history. With a very complex attack pattern and a narrow window of vulnerability, this yellow blob has stopped a lot of gamers dead in their tracks. Well, did you know you can beat the bastard with a single shot? It takes a bit of trickery: Shoot him with the Thunder Beam (his weakness), then pause and unpause the game rapidly as the shot connects. Every time you do so counts as another hit, so if you do it fast enough, you can wipe the Devil out with a single shot.

It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds, but here’s YouTuber hAJPNO pulling the move off with panache…

Best Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! While Blindfolded

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is one of my favorite games of all-time. I’ve sunk dozens upon dozens of hours into it over the years, but I’ve never scored a win against Tyson. I’m not the only one in this particular boat.

A little back, we showed you Punch-Out!! master Jack Wedge beating Tyson while blindfolded. That feat was done on an emulator, but now he’s back and repeating his triumph on an actual NES. This time, he even beats Tyson by TKO instead of by decision. Get ready to feel very jealous…

Playing Through Contra With One Life

Contra, the game so hard that the infamous 30-lives Konami code had to be invented to make it at all playable by normal human beings. One hit and you’re dead in Contra, so a one-life run-through of the game is the ultimate no-net gaming high wire act.

Watch ClutchKman pull off the one-life Contra play-through below, and try not to chew all your fingernails off…

There you have it, hope you enjoyed watching some of gaming’s greatest challenges get noogied and sent home crying to mama. What are some of your most badass gaming feats? Manage to best any of the above challenges? What’s your favorite crazy gaming accomplishment you’ve seen online?