Happy Birthday To Us! Gamma Squad Turns Four, So Let’s Look Back At This Year And This Corgi.

Gamma Squad officially launched on this day four years ago, and we haven’t needed pants since. In previous years, we’ve celebrated our birthdays with birthday animals, but we’re doing things a little differently this year. We’re going to recap some of our most popular posts in the past year in no particular order.

We learned red shirts weren’t the most dangerous clothing on the Starship Enterprise, and we rounded up ten Star Trek episodes that could make great movies. I’d watch a whole movie of just Riker sitting like a boss.

On the Batman tip, we got sappy about Heath Ledger’s Joker Diary, compiled funny internet reactions to Batfleck, unabashedly loved on Batman Begins, and listed great Batman stories DC won’t have the balls to put on film.

We’ve posted numerous galleries of X-Men: Days Of Future Past pictures, but the one referencing Jennifer Lawrence sans clothing did especially well for some mysterious reason. (Thanks, Google.) We also clarified the timeline of the movie and took shots at the photoshop disaster that was this Wolverine poster.

In other movie news, we were disappointed in Iron Man 3 but loved giving the robots of Pacific Rim vastly improved names. We also summarized who the Ultron in Avengers: Age Of Ultron is and expounded on things about the Superman franchise you may not know. Comic book movies have become so popular we even listed seven recent movies you may not have realized were based on comics.

We ranked the best and worst of 2012 geek culture, as well as the best and worst 2012 sci-fi moments.

Recently, we rounded up the 50 Greatest Console Games of the past generation. For the next gen, we explained why you should or perhaps shouldn’t buy the PS4 (watch out for those blue lights), and we summarized the Xbox One public relations disaster as well.

Game developers were reminded to stop telling us $60 isn’t a lot of money. In other gaming coverage, we ranked the 5 best and worst ice levels, the 10 best pirate games, and the 10 creepiest “game over” screens.

Our love of GIFs continued with funny GTA V GIFs, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. GIFs, the best of Bender, and Calvin and Hobbes GIFs. Speaking of Calvin and Hobbes, this themed wedding was adorable.

We enjoyed this Star Wars blooper reel and Andy Wells’ adorable Stormtrooper photography. Other popular art projects we featured included Pablo Bustos’ clever pop culture art, Soul Calibur V character creations, Simon Beck’s geometric snow art, and gender-swapped Avengers (starring Alison Brie). We also learned 14 video games were declared art by MoMA. Game of Thrones fans also found Mike Wrobel’s illustrations of Game of Thrones characters as ’80s and ’90s stereotypes, and this mind-blowing bit of Game of Thrones cosplay also did well.

Halloween was observed with geeky costume ideas and terrible “sexy” costumes. Which brings us to this month, in which we turn four years old.

Here’s to another year of us all being HOMIES FOREVER.

(Banner image photographed by luckyno3 via Creative Commons license.)