Gamma Squad Gets An Exclusive Look At The Cover Of ‘Worlds’ Finest’ #11

Gamma Squad has the exclusive look at the gatefold cover for Worlds’ Finest #11, and needless to say, it’s not the good news it looks to be.

Worlds’ Finest, for those not following the book, ties in with DC’s addition of the Multiverse to the New 52, Earth 2. Written by Paul Levitz, it follows the Huntress (Helena Wayne, acting as Helena Bertinelli) and Power Girl (Karen Starr, aka Supergirl), two refugees from Earth 2 who get stuck in the main DCU and are forced to make the best of it.

It may sound like a distaff Superman/Batman, but the book’s very different in tone, especially with Levitz writing. One of the key plot points has been Karen looking for her lover Michael Holt, who you might remember is one Mr. Terrific.

Well, as you would assume from the cover, Michael is back. Or, well, not so much:

This is part of a series of gatefold covers DC is rolling out as part of an April initiative that herald new plot twists and general bad news for the New 52. So keep an eye out, as April gets closer.