Gamma Squad’s 10 Favorite Cosplay Costumes Of The Week

05.13.11 8 years ago 7 Comments

While searching the net to put together themed galleries such as The Best Cosplay Teams and Team-Ups and The Best of Power Girl Cosplay, I stumble across amazing costumes that don’t necessarily fit into a theme. Each week Gamma Squad is going to bring you the absolute best of these costumes.

White Lantern Hawkgirl

Photo by

Aria T’Lok of Mass Effect

Via Demon See

I chose this costume specifically because it is not easy to get your skin and even color when you’re trying to be blue.

Steampunk Professor X

Photo by Daniel Valdez

Any costume is better with steampunk.

Iron Man and War Machine

Photo by Izabel Cortez

I know that those are just eye slits, but that is one intense stare down.


Photo via Cosplay Lab

Notice the look on Starscream’s face. What a pimp.

Space Girl

By Thomas Dorman

All evil robots should have eyebrows, it makes their evilness so much more expressive.

Luke Cage

Photo by Henchmen21

Some people think that cosplay is all about the ladies showing off their bodies. Not true, sometimes it is also about jacked dudes showing off their muscles.


Via Superhero Costume Forum

Sweet helmet bro.


Via Demon See

Mojo was a genius character from the mid-1980s. He was the leader of the spineless ones, a race from another dimension, the Mojoverse, who evolved away spinal cords after watching too many televised gladiator matches. The Mojoverse was way ahead of its time in predicting the obesity epidemic, reality TV and America’s fear of spiders. Speaking of spiders…


Photo by Jurgen Fauth

There are lots of photos of this particular Spider-Woman cosplayer. She has her hands up in all of them. Gotta show off those underarm webs.

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