Garbage Truck Simulator Looks To Be Video Game of the Year

When I was growing up, my older brother always talked about being a garbage man. True story. While most children dreamt of becoming heroic firefighters or unlawful policemen, from ages 6-12, all my brother ever wanted to do was ride around on the back of a dump truck picking up cans full of other peoples sh-t. I’m not totally sure how many times the kid rented Men at Work, but I’m guessing it must have been somewhere near the triple digits. Point being, my brother has been waiting a lifetime for a PC game to arrive like Excalibur Publishing’s Garbage Truck Simulator; the only simulator to truly make players feel like they’ve been sifting through someone else’s garbage for hours. You have to consider though, for a company whose previous titles include German Truck Simulator, Forklift Truck Simulator and Bus Simulator 2, this latest venture could very well end up being the company’s Halo. Ha, of course I’m lying.

And with a press release that includes some of the most enticing game details ever, I just don’t see how any career-bound individual could pass on such a gem as Garbage Truck Simulator:

Take control of your own truck and head off across the city to fulfil your collection obligations. Drive the ultra-realistic garbage truck from task to task as you strive to generate an income.

Even though you are in the junk business take care not to trash your truck, as thanks to a comprehensive damage modelling system every dent and breakdown will require repair.

Domestic and industrial waste, building rubble and even dangerous chemical disposal are all in a day’s work! Grow your business from the income for each load and become the trash tycoon for your city!

Well you better put me down for two copies, then, because I’m feeling especially dark these days. Fingers crossed, I hope on the bonus round you get to attend court and interact during a virtual divorce hearing. And while Garbage Truck Simulator won’t arrive on store shelves until May 20th, for the time being you can head on over to the publisher’s official website to learn all the development secrets of the game. Hint: it’s garbage.

[via Kotaku]