You Can Now Have Sean Spicer In Your Own Bushes Thanks To This Crafty Creation

Chaos ensued in the hours that followed President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey on Tuesday. Reports indicated that the White House was caught off-guard by the backlash that the move received and was not ready to address it the very same night the decision was made public. Attempts to counteract the story as the sun went down bled into the White House lawn, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer found himself in the media’s crosshairs, with no place but a nearby bush to escape the madness.

Spicer and his people reportedly used the shrubs to huddle while they formulated a plan, and eventually agreed to address the media on the situation if cameras weren’t present. Unfortunately for the Press Secretary, what came out of the entire ordeal was less of what he said and more of the hilarious image of Spicer cowering in the foliage and panicking at the thought of trying to explain what his boss just did.

Thanks to one internet-hero, people are now replicating the mental image of Spicer hiding via ‘Garden Spicer’ cutouts that everyone can download, print, and place in their own landscape. Facebook user named Lisa Kadonaga hatched the Garden Spicer bright idea on Thursday, and since then, thousands of cardboard Spicy’s have been downloaded, and presumably, placed in bushes to commemorate Tuesday’s events.

Since Kadonaga posted that how-to-make-a-Garden-Spicer tutorial, the internet has picked up the ball and ran with it, like only they can.

Poor Spicer. Things are guaranteed to only get worse for the White House Press Secretary, as Melissa McCarthy and her mobile-podium host SNL tonight.

(Via The Daily Dot and The Hill)