Garry Shandling’s Friends Played One Last Game Of Basketball To Remember Him By

In the wake of the sad and untimely death of Garry Shandling, it’s become overwhelmingly clear how much the man was loved, as fans, friends, coworkers — everyone from Jeffrey Tambor to Bill Maher to Conan — have opened up about the monumental loss. Over the weekend, friends of the late comedian gathered at his house to say goodbye by participating in one last game of basketball at his house, which Judd Apatow shared on Instagram early Monday. Apatow was joined by Sarah Silverman, Ben Schwartz, Ryan Phillippe, Bill Maher, Jeffrey Tambor, Kevin Nealon, and Breckin Meyer, among others.

As many fans know, Shandling was a great fan of the game and would often have friends over to his place to shoot hoops, even including footage from his home court in special features on The Larry Sanders Show DVDs.

Actor Jesse Bradford shared this shot of himself playing basketball with “Uncle Garry,” as well as another group photo of Shandling’s friends gathered to remember him.

In addition to the group basketball shot, Judd Apatow has likewise been posting his favorite memories of Shandling from over the years on Instagram, and it’s quite a trip down memory lane. Here are just a few favorites:

In regards to that last photo… No, Garry Shandling and Ellen DeGeneres did not ever date; rather, the origin is from a hilarious episode of Larry Sanders in which Ellen came out as straight to Larry, and the two enjoyed a brief, but torrid love affair. You should watch when it comes to HBO Go if you haven’t seen it. It is a very good show.

(Via E! Online)