Get Ready To Be Babashook By All The Babadooks Who Went To Pride This Weekend

Jennifer Kent’s highly-original 2014 film The Babadook introduced a new type of monster (the titular Babadook), and the internet turned him into a gay icon. It’s not an entirely random or brand-new meme. I’d been enjoying the meme on Gay Tumblr since February of this year, after Netflix inadvertently included The Babadook in its LGBT movies section and Tumblr had a field day with the news.

The Babadook jokes came back in full force recently because June is Pride month. Now the meme is fully mainstream, as it should be, because, as an pride parade attendee’s sign explains, “We [heart] our LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and metaphysical manifestations.”

Yes, the Babadook garnered a shout out in a sign carried to last weekend’s Pride festivities. Moreover, the Babadook appeared on signs at several Pride and resistance marches, and plenty of people even dressed up as this new member of the community (and possible source of the “B” in “LGBT”?).

We’ve collected some of our favorite Pride parade Babadooks and funny posters below. Consider us Babashooketh.

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It's real #pittsburgh #pride #babadook

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The B stands for Babadook. #LGBT #Babadook #Pride

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(Hat tip and a Babasmooch to Vulture, Buzzfeed, and Pedestrian TV)