Marriage Equality Is Now Legal, So Let’s Have A GIF Party

Rally On Steps Of California State Capitol Protests Passage Of Prop 8 SACRAMENTO, CA - NOVEMBER 22:  Supporters of gay marriage rally on the steps of the State Capitol November 22, 2008 in Sacramento, California. People across the country continue to protest the passing of California State Proposition 8 which makes gay marriage in California illegal. (Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images)
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As you may have heard, the Supreme Court Of The United States just got around to re-reading the 14th Amendment and noticed that whole “equal protection under the law” thingamajig. So now gays — this writer included — can get married, our marriages are legally binding in all states, and any bans on those marriages are ruled unconstitutional.

Instead of some heartfelt, mushy long read about how much this means to me and a lot of others, can we assume you already are a decent human being with empathy and already know why this is awesome news? Yeah? So, like, we can cut right to celebrating, yes? With GIFs? Lots and lots of jubilant GIFs.

We’ll be back in a bit with more fun stuff and updates as this news continues being awesome.