Gay YouTube Celebrity Calls The Westboro Baptist Church To Find Out How To Get Into Heaven

Not surprisingly, comments were left on the video made by YouTube celebrity Riyadh Khalaf in which his mother read his, um, saucy Grindr messages. But whaddya know, one of those gross, drecky commenters was also a celebrity! Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church was thoughtful enough to stop by and leave some productive feedback. But what she didn’t leave was information. Specifically, how was someone like Riyadh supposed to get into Heaven? I mean, Shirley would know, right?

Riyadh decided to give the very pious churchgoer a ring, and I can’t tell if what we hear is an extra long recorded message, or one of those jokey outgoing messages, or what. But I don’t know if Shirley has the answers concerning eternal salvation. She wasn’t very clear.

Source: YouTube